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About Our Virtual Paralegal Firm

 Founded in 2021

Propel Paralegal Services provides virtual paralegal and legal support services nationwide.

At Propel Paralegal Services, we offer comprehensive virtual paralegal and legal support services to attorneys nationwide. Our mission is to change how law firms and legal departments manage their paralegal needs by providing unparalleled flexibility, cost efficiency and access to a diverse team of seasoned professionals.

The Power of a Team: Experience and Expertise at Your Fingertips


Our comprehensive strategy offers a solution that negates the necessity for augmenting in-office personnel. We connect you with a highly-qualified, diverse team of legal professionals, ensuring optimal efficiency and matching your projects with professionals who possess the skill set and expertise needed.


Flexible and On-Demand: No Contract Terms, Just Exceptional Service


We understand that the legal landscape and your firm's needs are constantly evolving. That's why we offer our services on a flexible, on-demand basis with no contract terms. This allows your firm to adapt to changing demands and maintain optimal cost efficiency without the burden of long-term commitments.


Big Firm Capabilities, Small Firm Agility


By partnering with Propel Paralegal Services, you gain access to the expertise and resources of a large legal department while maintaining the nimbleness of a smaller firm. We help you tackle any project, big or small, without the expenses and hassle associated with recruiting, hiring and managing staff.


Join us on our journey to redefine legal support and discover the benefits of partnering with Propel Paralegal Services – your one-stop legal services firm for all your virtual paralegal and legal support needs.

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Customizable Legal Support

At Propel, we are changing the way law firms and companies access quality legal support. Our on-demand paralegal services are designed to minimize the expenses and administrative burden of recruiting, hiring and managing full-time legal support staff. We offer a dynamic solution that adapts to the ever-changing needs of the legal industry.


Our unique approach leverages the expertise of virtual paralegals, virtual legal assistants and virtual legal support professionals to provide unparalleled assistance whenever and wherever it's needed. With our flexible service model, attorneys only pay for the time and services they require, optimizing resources and increasing efficiency.


When you collaborate with Propel, you gain access to not just one paralegal but an entire team of skilled and experienced legal professionals eager to support your projects. Our talented team is well-equipped to handle various tasks, ensuring you receive the highest quality service in every aspect of your legal work.


Discover the future of legal support with Propel Paralegal Services. Let us help you streamline your operations, maximize your resources and achieve success in the fast-paced legal landscape.

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